So, what's holding you back?

“I’d love to take the course but I can’t afford it.”

Honestly - when you look at how much the course will save you, you can’t afford not to take it! What you will learn in even just a single lesson can save you THOUSANDS of dollars in unnecessary fees - it certainly did for us! If you are considering investing in real estate - the cost of the course is a drop in the bucket compared to your overall investment and what you have to lose.

I have intentionally priced the course to make it a no-brainer for anyone serious about protecting themselves and their investment.

“We’re not planning on buying a place for another year or two, we’ll just wait and buy the course in a couple of months.”

Great! The sooner you get started and understand the process, the smoother the whole thing is going to go for you! I actually recommend starting in advance so that you are ahead of the game from the get-go!

The course is only open for enrollment until Midnight EST on Thursday, April 11th. After that, I really don’t know when we will be opening the cart for enrollment again or what will be included and at what price. Now is the time to get started while you can and with lifetime access to all future updates, you’ll be able to take your time and process things nice and easy at your own pace.

“I don’t have time to take on another project.”

We feel your pain! We were both working full time and starting our new businesses in the months leading up to our move and buying our home here in Mexico! With Mexico Real Estate Academy, we break down the process into bit-size tasks so you can make meaningful progress in even just an hour a week. Plus, since the course is prerecorded, you can do the work at your own pace and keep it super manageable while still maintaining all of your other commitments.

“I know you live in Tulum, but I’m moving somewhere else in Mexico - Does the course really pertain to where I’m moving?”

We’ve checked with experts throughout Mexico to be sure what we are giving you applies countrywide and when there’s an exception by region or something specific you need to know - we give it to you!

“I’ve got a realtor I really like, I’ll just ask them about this stuff.”

Great! I’m so glad you found someone you trust and I hope they work out fabulously for you! But - have they gone through what you’re going through? Have they purchased property here in Mexico as a foreigner? Most haven’t. Frank and I have a unique perspective because we have been there and done that. We know the concerns you have because we had them ourselves.