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Worried You’re Going To Get Ripped Off?

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If you’re stuck trying to understand the process for you (as a foreigner) to buy property in Mexico or worried you’re going to get ripped off or scammed… I totally understand!

If you are ready to finally purchase property safely, you are not alone!

You want to be able to purchase your dream home in Mexico without all of the stress, you want to feel confident in your decisions and finally make it happen!

That’s why I have put together this free guide on the 5 biggest mistakes people make when buying property in Mexico - so you can avoid making these same mistakes and feel great about your investment!


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"Ashley was a much needed voice in our stressful quest to find a peaceful life in Tulum. She answered all of our questions with honesty and insight that only someone with experience living in the community could offer. She is down to earth and easy to talk to. I wouldn’t hesitate to consult with her one bit, in fact I would strongly recommend it!

Thanks to Ashley we are now more confident about our move."

— Mike J.


Hi! I’m Ashley!

My hubby, Frank and I (and our “puppy” Miko) have been living in Mexico since we bought our home in Tulum in 2016.

Even as we went through the process ourselves, it was tough to find good information on the process for foreigners like us to purchase property in Mexico. And, it seemed like so many of the so-called “experts” or realtors didn’t even own property themselves! So I always felt like… Do you really know what you are talking about??? Because… you’ve never actually done it yourself! 😳 

But, we went through the process, figured it out on our own AND even decided to go to real estate school here in Mexico to really understand what the heck was going on. Now we’re helping folks just like you make informed decisions and purchase property here in Mexico safely.

I can’t wait to help you Move To Mexico too!


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